2018 Exhibition: Exhumming Histories

The Exhumming of Histories and Legacies was an exhibition held at National Visual Arts Gallery Livingstone, Zambia. The exhibition explored the critical gap of knowledge, history and legacies that exists within the Zambian contemporary art scene- to facilitate a critical unpacking of contemporary African art practice and the curatorial politics of its representation. The exhibition was both a curatorial and a collaborative artistic/research project. It was set as a dialogue that consisted of works by artists and writers whose work reflect on the critical articulation of art contemporary practice, politics of representation and engagement with historical references. Some of the artists and writers we were in dialogue with are as follows Wonder Sakala, Gladys Kalichini, Agness Yombwe, Aaron Samuel Mulenga, Serah Chule- Yoweli Chungu and Mulenga J Mulenga


Within the exhibition, we created reading both by Thomas Benedict Holt (Architect and LoCA Team Member) In which we introduced reading material from Namwali Sarpell, Kayo Chingonyi and others.

To learn about the artist and writers and their work check out the links below:
Namwali Serpell
Kayo Chingonyi
Aaron Samuel Mulenga