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The Livingstone Office for Contemporary Arts (LoCA) was founded in 2014 as an artist-initiated non-profit organization in Livingstone, Zambia. The founders of LoCA recognized the need for a platform to promote contemporary art in Zambia and Africa and to explore the impact of colonialism, social and political histories, and their legacies on contemporary art.LoCA functions as a collective/collaborative platform for reflections and experimental thinking, providing a space for critical discourse towards urban Zambian contemporary issues through exhibitions, workshops, research projects, artist residences, and periodicals. The organization aims to facilitate and promote Zambian contemporary art, African art history, and research. It also strives to raise awareness about contemporary art and its potential to engage with broader social, political, and historical issues.

One of the main objectives of LoCA is to create a community-driven space that fosters interdisciplinary collaboration and fresh perspectives among artists, curators, scholars, cultural workers, and audiences in the region. The organization’s activities are designed to encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas, bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

LoCA’s efforts are especially critical in Zambia, where there are no government grants for independent initiatives, and financial support is challenging to attain. The organization has relied on the support and funding generated from individual exhibitions and other initiatives to remain active over the years.

LoCA recognizes and thanks the individuals and organizations that have supported its activities over the years. These include Milumbe Haimbe, Gabi Ngcobo, Victor Mutelekesha, N’Gone Fall, the late Okwui Enwezor, Micheal O’Donnel, Andreas Siqueland, Romeo Gongora, Thomas Benedict Holt, Marie Payen, Don Laurence, the late Bisi Silver, David Chirwa, Pablo Lafuente, Rachael Dagnall, Raphael Chikukwa, OCA, Tenthaus, Kunstforeingen, Wayiwayi Art Studio and Gallery, Zenzele Chulu, Modzi Arts, University of Oslo, National Museum Library Oslo, Henie Onstad, Norli Book Stores, National Art Gallery Livingstone, and ZNVAC. The organization remains committed to promoting contemporary art and research in Zambia and Africa and creating a space for critical reflection and experimentation.



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