LoCA Mini-Lab is an intense 3-4 week interdisciplinary workshop. Selected participants are invited to work together with established artists, authors art historians, scholars and curators, exploring practices, concepts, critical thinking and experimentation on new ways to reflect on de-coloniality. The Mini-Lab functions like an alternative informal school of thought centred upon participatory and exchange modes of (collective) learning/teaching through intensive laboratories, in form workshops, reading/research groups, presentations and screenings. The LoCA MiniLab established in Autumn, 2019 occurs twice a year, a spring semester Feb-March and the autumn semester August-September. NOTE: Due to COVID 19 Pandemic the 2020 Autumn Semester led by Alicia Knock has been postponed to Spring 2021. In the meantime, we will continue to work virtually with the 2020 Spring participant for the rest of the Year. 

Tuning In-Other Ways of Seeing: LoCA MiniLab 2020 Spring Semester 

In March 2020 Livingstone Office for Contemporary Arts (LoCA), invited Ebba Moi and Helen Eriksen from Tenthaus as facilitators of its LoCA MiniLab spring semester. Guest artist Emma Wolukau – Wanambwa. From Dec 2019, open call we selected 15 participants for the Lab. 

Participants: Megan McNamara, artist and filmmaker (Cape Town, South Africa), Dominic Nshimba web developer and LOCA team member (Livingstone, Zambia), Emeldah Mpilipili aspiring curator and organizer (Livingstone/Lusaka, Zambia), Mwape Mumbi (Kabwe Zambia) aspiring curator, Isaac Kalambata, artist (Lusaka Zambia), Stephane Kabila, philosopher and curator (Lubumbashi, DR Congo), Lucas Ngoma, filmmaker (Livingstone, Zambia), Bwanga” Benny Blow” Kapumpa, fiction writer (Lusaka Zambia), Patrick Haloba, lawyer, poet and writer (Livingstone, Zambia) and filmmaker Nelson Siisi also a team member of LOCA. 

Together with Moi and Eriksen, the participants went through participatory and exchange modes of (collective) learning/teaching. These three intensive workshop weeks were supposed to end with a final exhibition in the National Art Gallery in Livingstone, opening on the 26.3.2020. Due to the COVID19 situation, this exhibition was postponed until the pandemic situation stabilises. 

Thanks to OCA (Office for Contemporary Art) for Tenthaus travel support and to Wayi Wayi Art Studio and Gallery for the seating used during the workshop.


Tuning In-Other Ways of Seeing: LoCA MiniLab 2019 Autumn Semester 

The 2019 LoCA MiniLab was the first Tuning-In intensive Lab, and it focused on experimentation with sound and building a podcast with the emphasis on critical thinking, thematics and research. How to reread (unlearn-relearn) the now with the help of indigenous methodology.

Participants: Yande Yombwe, Jeff Nkata, Kangwe Yombwe, Chansa Chishimba, Sunga M Mwila, Arnold Mubita, Bernard Kopeka, Mpande Manduli, Alumedi Maonde

Facilitators: Romeo Gongora  & Anawana Haloba 

Guest Artist: Agness Buyu Yombwe 

Coordinators: Dominic Nshimba & Siisi Nelson   

Guest Facilitators: Mr Maxwell Bbalo, Ms Albertine Sililo Sitwala, Mrs Simukonda, Mrs Musiyalela, Mr Chansa Chishimba, Mrs Simataah