LoCA MiniLab 2019 Autumn Semester

The 2019 LoCA MiniLab was the first Tuning-In intensive Lab, and it focused on experimentation with sound and building a podcast with the emphasis on critical thinking, thematics and research. How to reread (unlearn-relearn) the now with the help of indigenous methodology.

Participants: Yande Yombwe, Jeff Nkata, Kangwe Yombwe, Chansa Chishimba, Sunga M Mwila, Arnold Mubita, Bernard Kopeka, Mpande Manduli, Alumedi Maonde

Facilitators: Romeo Gongora  & Anawana Haloba 

Guest Artist: Agness Buyu Yombwe 

Coordinators: Dominic Nshimba & Sisi Nelson   

Guest Facilitators: Mr Maxwell Bbalo, Ms Albertine Sililo Sitwala, Mrs Simukonda, Mrs Musiyalela, Mr Chansa Chishimba, Mrs Simataah