LoCA’s Residency program is for artists, writers and curators wishing to immerse themselves in their work and/or research. We provide them with the space to explore practices, concepts, new ideas and materials, and to develop a project while receiving feedback and support. If selected, the participants have the chance to live and work between Livingstone and Lusaka. They will also have access to work with archives at our collaboration partners Livingstone Museum, Jewish and Railway Museum and the Heritage Commission. Participants are encouraged to propose talks and workshops and to learn about the socio-cultural and political context of Zambia.

LoCA residency provides:

  • Art studio
  • Accommodation in a self-contained studio flat (optional)
  • Opportunity to propose workshops and talks
  • Open studio event at the end of the Residency to show the works and/or processes to the public
  • Special visits to local art spaces and studios
  • LoCA helps organise all logistics collaboration or contact information relating to our collaborating partners