The Livingstone Office for Contemporary Arts (LoCA), was established as an artist-run non-profit library and research centre. LoCA functions as a collective/collaborative platform for reflections and an experimental think-tank, exploring histories (colonial histories, social and political histories and their legacies) and how they relate to language and contemporary art on both a local and an international context. In Zambia, where there are no government grants for independent initiatives, financial support is difficult to attain. Generous donations from the team members have been the primary ecosystem that has kept the project active for the past six years.
Every Support to LoCA contributes towards alleviating the Zambian artistic scene’s enormous intellectual and infrastructural deficit and will aid a radical shift in creating a tangible difference. In 2019 Autumn, we commenced works to build a new centre, a modest structure that will house a library space, studio apartment. And, project /exhibition space to present the vibrate interdisciplinary series of seminars, artist talks, community interventions, screenings, workshops, lectures and exhibitions. For the build, LoCA is working with the city’s architectural archive as the reference point of departure for its building. “The Heritage building” an old building from 1905 built with Teak wood, the early buildings constructed between 1905- 45 using technics of sun-dried blocks and building lime. We are also working with organic/traditional methods of architecture that already exists in villages surrounding Livingstone, and using materials such as clay pots on some of the windows. Given the facts that most of the resources generated to run the project come from the exhibitions/event activities by the team members, but due to the COVID 19 pandemic most exhibition have been postponed. We have put the building project on hold until we are able to source for more funds. Below images show our now working space, and should you be interested in knowing more of the initiative, be it to donate or to inquire about work please write to us at