Yuchen Li

Yuchen Li is a Chinese visual / performance artist and cultural program producer based in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on themes on coloniality, consumerism, food production, state narrative VS personal experience and is part of the performance collective, Weaving Realities. Whose practices involve organising of public performances and workshops around the concept of “sentipensar“. – thinking-feeling with the earth concept, as a “practical decolonisation” methodology. Which, aims to re-educate ourselves into living in harmony with each other and with nature.

Li has collaborated with various art institutions and academic institutions in the Netherlands and abroad, such as Rijksakademie, CBK Zuidoost, Nieuw Dakota, Goleb in Amsterdam, University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, OtherWise from Wageningen University, The Decolonial Summer School organised by Utrecht University, The Post-Development Conference organised by Kassel University in Germany and Editorial Collectivo Retos in Mexico.

Yuchen Li was the project coordinator for the solo exhibition “Kaleidoscope” by Dutch artist Rob Voerman in Ningbo Art Museum China in 2018, and the Two-

Man exhibition “Dream Space” by Dutch artist Rob Voerman and Chinese artist Wang Fenghua in Xi’an Contemporary Art Museum in 2018. She is also the founder and organiser of Asian Movie Night, a bi-monthly movie screening event in Arnhem in collaboration with ArtEZ, Walter Books, B53 Art Space, just to name a few. 

Additionally, Yuchen Li featured in numerous newspapers, radio and TV interviews for her published book entitled: 去全世界打打杂 (1st edition 4000 copies in 2015), such as China Youth Daily – one of the most influential national newspapers in China with a circulation of 5 million readers, MGTV – the biggest Mandarin TV channel in South East Asia etc.